Dear Betty,
On behalf of Piedmont Arts Association, Martinsville Uptown Revitalization Association, and the City of Martinsville, I thank you for providing us with the new Uptown Farmer’s Market Mural. It has been an honor working with you during this 2-year long journey of may lessons and surprises. Still, it has resulted in a public work that exceeds all of our expectations. Our community has embraced your work and your story, beginning in 2007 when Piedmont Arts introduced your Africa: myth, Magic and Reality exhibit. Since then, we have enjoyed bout the Dreaming Cows and Dreaming Cows Mural giclee exhibits, as we anxiously awaited the culmination of our own mural project.

Thank you for your vision, generosity and expertise during this project. This Uptown Marketplace Mural is a portrait of a traditional, historical event shred by our diverse community, which is struggling (like so many others) to achieve sustainability, economic health,, and lasting revitalization. Your mural will help highlight our entire community, as well as increase local attendance to our farmer’s market. We are proud to boast that we have an original Betty LaDuke painted mural in our community. It is a highlight on tours of the city and county, as we receive visiting legislators, and recruit new business to Martinsville and Henry County.
Tina Sell
Director or Exhibitions