portrait-heffer-latin-americaFor Heifer International
Murphy Keller Education Center – Little Rock, Arkansas

In 2007 I was invited by Heifer International (HI) to create a mural for their Murphy-Keller Eduction Center in Little Rock, AR scheduled to open in 2009. This Dreaming Cows Mural Project, 7′ tall x 90′ wide, evolved as a series of 27 individually cut and shaped plywood panels,, approximately 7′ x 4′ each, representing HI projects around the world. Since they are also reproduced in gicleé print format, it is possible to present the Dreaming Cows Mural Project as a circulating exhibit.

• 20 gicleé prints of mural panels – 31″ x 21″, 22″ x 23″, approx.
Inspired by Heifer International project sites in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the United States in 2003-2008 “The cup is half full”
• 4 mural panel sequences – 13″ x 41″ or 13″ x 35″ each; all prints are framed and ready for display

• 12 framed images – mural project development sequence
• Exhibit statement
• DVD – Betty LaDuke, Art Reflecting Life and Heifer International
• DVD – Betty LaDuke, Dreaming Cows Mural Project