My art work is based on multicultural explorations of how we love, live, and die. Individual and shared expressions of grief, joy, dignity, and hope are the themes of my drawings and paintings. While this series of images begins in Oregon, they are inspired by more than three decades of annual ventures beyond family, home, studio, and professorship at Souther Oregon University. The sketchbook is my companion as I experience people’s intimate connections with the earth in Latin America, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. I sketch survival rhythms, rites of passage, the hands that guide the oxen and the plow, or the hands of priests and spiritual guides at churches, temples, or shrines.

At the journey’s end, the challenge for me is to convert the essence of monetary events into archetypal images. Between myth and reality, my large acrylic paintings evolve slowly to reflect local traditions as well as common emotions and aspirations. My celebration is of life and our universal need for peace.